For us perfectionist gardeners, our gardens are our ‘happy place’ – somewhere to relax and escape life’s stresses and be enjoyed all year round. While others might prefer to hit the sales or follow their favourite team, most often you’ll find us working or relaxing in our oasis of green.


We’ve compiled a list of 31 gardening-related things that give us thrills throughout the year. See how many give you a buzz…

1. A rain-free weekend

2. Using the perfect trowel

3. Multi-grafted fruit trees


4. First flowers of spring

5. Perfectly straight edges

6. Perfectly curved edges

7. Raked garden beds


8. Automatic irrigation systems

9. Heirloom vegetables

10. Growing multiple varieties

11. Saving seeds for next year

12. Blossoms on fruit trees

13. Bees on blossoms

14. Hedging plants

15. Vegetable planting day

16. Plant fairs


17. Open garden days

18. Ornamental trees

19. Herbs that don’t go to seed

20. Natural pest remedies

21. Companion planting

22. New rose releases


23. Different blooms on one stem

24. Grafting one’s own trees

25. Sharing one’s harvest

26. Homemade jams & pickled veg

27. Freshly mowed lawn

28. Bulb planting time

29. Sharp, oiled tools

30. Everything in its place


31. Neatly edged lawn